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about this site

When I first fell in love with the internet, websites defied easy categorization. Your list of keywords might include James Bond, the Tragically Hip, a reference to an IRC group - it was very personal, and sweet, in a way.

I've come to view the internet as a tool and a way to earn a living. The web has lost that quaint charm, that sense of exploration and eagerness to relate and build communities. The cracks are showing, and we are struggling to come to terms with the fact that we unleashed a global communications system that directly alters brain function, without any plan or understanding of what that would entail.

This website is my attempt to create a corner for myself, based on the nostaliga of sweeter times - to try and spark some passion and community in my day to day internet, instead of annoyance, low-key stress and cynicism. I will talk about my hobbies and work, and hopefully not destroy either. And yes, there is a Guest book. Please leave a message.