Pizzerias in London, ON

Veloce Italian Kitchen

796 Wonderland Rd. S

I checked this place out in a group. The oven in this place is gorgeous – some care clearly went into picking an attractive model, in addition to the pragmatic concerns that go into picking a decent wood-burning oven. I got a fairly meaty pizza, as is typical when I try a pizzeria for the first time. In this case, double pepperoni, bacon and spinach.

The pizza was well-constructed, and service was good. You order at the counter, then the staff brings your food to you. There is a fairly extensive beer and specialty drink selection. It wasn’t busy when we were there, but since returning, I can confirm the service and quality is the same when they are busy.

Formaggio’s Pie Shack

1600 Highbury Ave N.

This place is pretty cool. It is very small and intimate, with just a few tables in the back. Most of the business seems to be takeaway or delivery. The owners were enthusiastic, informative and pleasant. The staff was well-versed in what they carried.

I ordered the deep-dish here, as that is what Formaggio’s is famous for. And while I know it is bad form to complain about too much cheese in a deep-dish, I did feel that the pizza suffered from this. And it was avoidable – not by using less cheese, but by alternating toppings and cheese, instead of putting all the cheese on top. This made it feel like I had to chew through an inch and a half layer or rubber before getting to the crust or toppings.

The flavour was awesome. The crust was perfectly cooked. The toppings and cheese were high-quality. The issue of piling all the cheese on top could be rectified easily, if there is even a need to do so – it could very well be that the bulk of people enjoy it like that. Overall, I really enjoyed this place, even if I thought it could be improved.

Bondi’s Gourmet Pizza

298 Springbank Drive

I ate this pizza in the back of my car with my brother-in-law and my father. For real. We went during the winter operating under the delusion that they offered seating, even though their website states clearly it is only outdoors. Not that I think we missed much – the seating is just a couple of picnic tables looking out on a busy highway.

As for the pizza, it was a well-constructed deep-dish. I believe better constructed than Formaggios. That said, I did not care for the flavour. Toppings are set, so you need to like onions, mushrooms and cajun sausage. As it happens, I don’t, but the quality of ingredients and construction is obvious. The chef knows what he is doing. As can be expected, since if I’m not mistaken, this pizzeria has won several international awards.